the academic
I decided to write a blog because it's a good way to procrastinate. The academic is about work in progress, small pieces of research that didn't make it into a paper. Feel free to comment, get in touch on Twitter or by email. Thanks for reading!

Two new PyPI packages

Long time without posting… Let’s try to get back on track!

Trip to Chile - day 1

After arriving in Paranal close to 1am, I had a good night sleep in the Residencia. When I woke up and looked out the window, this was the view

Trip to Chile - day 0

I’m writing this post from the ESO guest house in Santiago, Chile, after a loooong flight over the Atlantic. Later this afternoon I will take a plane to Antofagasta, and then a bus to the Paranal observatory. We are here for the commissioning of ESPRESSO, the new high-resolution spectrograph installed in ESO’s VLT.

Binning is sinning

You should never bin your data. But what if you really really want to?

Doctoral Programme in Astronomy at the U. Porto

Dear Prospective PhD Candidate,