Some brief biographic notes

I was born in Santarém, a small town in the center of Portugal. The reason I was born there is because there was no maternity in the even smaller town of Alpiarça, where I’m actually from. Decades later, I still love that place, with endless horizons, cute horses, and nice people.

At a young age, I moved to Lisbon, where I went to school and learned to be a person.

School, school, and then more school as I finished my Bachelor degree in Physics at the University of Lisbon, in 2011, after which I moved North (just by 300km, Portugal is small) and got my MSc and PhD degrees in Astronomy, at the University of Porto.

For my Masters thesis, I worked on asteroseismology of the 16 Cyg binary pair. My supervisors were very nice so I managed to learn a lot during this time. The PhD was next; my new supervisors were also very nice, so that came to life, which I’m quite proud of. Then, and ever since, I’ve been dealing with everything related to stellar radial velocities: how to measure them and analyse them precisely (here’s how).

I’m always looking forward to learning something new, I have detected my share of extra-solar planets, and I like to think like a Bayesian when doing data analysis. Right now I’m involved in the planet search and the analysis of data from the ESPRESSO high-precision spectrograph. Believe me, ESPRESSO is absolutely amazing! Besides that, I really like to write code for both fun and profit.